The N°1 fries from the heart of Europe


For ages, people from all over the world have come to Belgium to taste our delicious golden-yellow fries. This time though, our fries are making their way to you. Have a try yourself, and see why Belgian fries are the only real fries!

Why Original Belgian Fries?

Belgium is the world’s N°1 export country of frozen fries. And it’s no coincidence that Belgium can rely on a rich tradition and long experience.

  • Belgium lies right in the heart of Europe’s potato cultivation. The country combines the ideal soil and climate for a rich diversity of potato varieties — with the world’s highest average yields.
  • The growers’ craftsmanship and the high-tech supply sector help Belgium reach its high-quality potato production, incorporating the most modern environmental and sustainable European technologies and quality systems. Continuous investments and innovations provide high-performance equipment and automation, expanded storage capacity, enhanced food safety, and new packaging concepts.
  • In Belgium, potatoes are cultivated in a fully natural way. High quality and certified seed make Belgian potatoes very fleshy and give them their tasty and natural yellowish colour. So, no need to add dyes to give Belgian fries their golden-yellow aura.

How to import frozen fries?

It all starts with top-quality products, backed by customized service, insights and advice. Trustworthy and communicative trade partners, the Belgian suppliers spare no effort to assure excellent cooperation.