Agristo is a Belgian company with head office in Harelbeke and additional production plants in Tilburg (NL), Nazareth (B) and Wielsbeke (B). We specialize in the production of frozen and pre-fried potato products. Since 1986 we have been producing authentic and delicious fries, croquettes, wedges, gratins and other derived products to suit customers’ preferences for quality, taste and convenience.

As a ‘private-label’ producer we develop a made-to-measure solution for retail and food service players worldwide. We manage the complete chain of production, from harvest to distribution. In this way we guarantee very high quality and flexibility. Our modern and well-equipped buildings have a state of the art machinery park.

Product Range

  • Cut products
    • French fries: coated/battered
    • Other: cubes, slices, mini cut potatoes, roast potatoes, waffle cut, dippers
    • Potato inspired products: Sweet potato fries, roasted & honey glazed parsnips
  • Specialities
    • Mashed potato products: croquettes, noisettes, duchesse, figures, (mini) waffles
    • Shredded products: hash brown portfolio (rösti) Gratin / Mashed potato / Puree portfolio: potato, sweet potato, crunchies (or tater tots)
    • Flakes


  • BRC (incl. HACCP)
  • IFS
  • Halal
  • Organic
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