Original Belgian Fries: find your supplier here

How to import Original Belgian Fries? Contact the Belgian frozen fries suppliers! Being at the heart of the potato production in Europe, they are dedicated to producing these golden delicacies for markets worldwide.

3 good reasons to import Belgian frozen fries

Why go for the Belgian fries suppliers?

  • Nonstop investments: by using the newest technology, the Belgian potato processing sector is able to meet the strictest
    European quality and food safety standards and offer a high-quality product — with a rich taste, nice texture and a crispy feel.
    To guarantee the best products, innovation, quality and safety, the Belgian potato processing sector invests non-stop
    in research and development throughout the entire potato chain.
  • Fries, and more: all of the Belgian potato processing companies offer a diverse range of potato products and specialties.
    And the suppliers all offer flexible solutions for the various demands of customers worldwide.
  • Packed as you please: during packaging, all parameters are monitored closely to achieve perfect quality.
    And as always, the suppliers’ flexibility offers endless possibilities: from a large choice of package sizes,
    to private labelling, to packaging designs.
  • Perfectly delivered: fast deliveries, flexible production lines and end-to-end traceability are just
    a few of the services delivered by the Belgian potato processing companies, who are always ready to help you find the best logistics and distribution solutions.
    With flexible sea ports, accessible all year round, the Belgian suppliers can easily reach all destinations.
  • Customized service: the Belgian potato processing companies are familiar with all markets and potato trends worldwide.
    They keep an eye on their client’s needs, wishes, dreams and creativity. The purpose?
    To work in a flexible, innovative, customer- centred way. Long-term partnerships and personal,
    trustworthy collaboration are what the Belgian companies stand for.